Who? What? When? Why? Where?

Who would commit such a horrible act against the most innocent? Why would a person do such a horrible thing? When did this persons world become so unbearable he felt had not choice but to inflict his misery on these children and their families. Why? Dear Lord Why? Where will his soul lie?

I asked these questions to myself, but no answers came. I don’t believe we will ever know the answers to these questions, the answers died when the young man ended his own life.

I feel such pain for the families who have lost loved ones, for the community at large, for the children of this country. I am lucky, my children are safe, but when they returned to school, Monday, they returned to a school with security guards, 2 off duty police officers, roaming the campus. My girls seem not to be bothered by their presence nor comforted. A community, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, not far from us, has shut its doors early for Christmas break due to a credible threat. A young man was arrested on Friday for planning a Columbine type massacre. He was turned in by someone he tried to recruit to help him. I have to wonder how many more are out there, just waiting for their moment and I wonder will it happen in my children’s school? My inclination was to keep them home, but what good would that do? None really except to comfort a mother, me.

I will never understand why? I don’t think we can understand why. Oh, the experts will tell us what they believe to be the reasons why, but in reality they are only guessing, like the rest of us are guessing. The best we can do is to continue on.


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