Repost-Initial blog post…

I thought it appropriate to re-post my first ever post on this blog…since I have been away for such a time it just seemed the thing to do.

“Welcome to my first blog post!”

“What is From Scratch to Finger Licking Good? Well, simply put it is a blog about my adventures and misadventures in cooking and my daily life. You might find a recipe or story, some pictures and some links, and last but not least a laugh or two or three. Anyway, I am just getting started so I do hope you will give me a bit of rope. I will get better. So, here is to licking your fingers, the bowl, and the beaters!”



I’m Back!!

It’s been awhile, but I am back, finally…So many things, mainly life and it’s idiosyncrasies, got in the way or I let them get in the way, but today I am back and soon there will be more deliciousness, more fun, more life, more, more, more to follow. So stay tuned won’t you please. I promise more From scratch to finger linking good in the day to come.